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Executive Search

Sterling's objective is to develop a long-term strategic partnership with our clients placing mid-level to senior level positions. We present a select number of qualified candidates as opposed to a larger number of unscreened candidates that most companies present. Sterling Human Resource Consulting is a premier international executive search firm, specializing in recruiting services for top-level executives and a firm distinguished by superior client service.

Every recruitment assignment is unique and needs to be carefully assessed. Our extensive experience will help define the ideal candidate profile, determine how to attract the best people and decide what reward package fits the candidate as well as the client.

Integrity: We are committed to openness and candor with our clients, candidates and each other.

Client focus: Our clients always come first. Their satisfaction is the key measure of our success.

Innovation: Anticipating and acting on our clients' needs help us think creatively and challenge the status quo.

Teamwork: Shared goals and cooperation among team members and clients optimize performance.

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Sterling Human Resource Consulting is able to leverage its global community of top-level relationships to accelerate dramatically the commercial success of new ventures. We execute high-caliber consulting and recruitment that allows start-ups and corporate ventures to "excel in the marketplace".

The vision for Sterling Consulting is to drive further global development of the business and continuing to provide Fortune 1000 companies and clients with an array of consulting services that includes:

Executive Coaching
Leadership Team Coaching
Executive Assessment
China Market Entry
Organizational Culture Surveys and Change
360 Degree Feedback
Employee Testing
HRIS and Payroll Systems
Employee Attitude Surveys
M&A and JV Leadership
Human Capital and Corporate Culture Due Diligence Development
Turnover Analysis and Consulting
Organizational Design Analysis
Consulting Strategic HR
Talent Management Consulting
HR Outsourced Processes
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Search and Selection

When a broader and more comprehensive approach is needed, Sterling may recommend a tailored advertising campaign in order to reach the widest possible target audience. In the fiercely competitive market for talent, the success of such a strategy fundamentally depends upon the experience and professionalism of the Consultant working on its planning and research. You will benefit from a Sterling team assigned to your project with a Director managing progress through to successful conclusion.

Sterling would supply a current market analysis, together with specific information about the business sectors most likely to provide suitable candidates. Having identified the main 'selling points' of your organization and role, we work closely with our advertising agency to create and execute carefully positioned, high-impact advertising to attract a wide range of appropriate, high quality candidates.

Sterling is highly experienced in the use of all forms of advertising media, including specialist press, regional and national newspapers, local radio and of course the rapidly evolving internet - because we are regular advertisers, we can use our substantial media buying power to optimize your advertising costs.

Once an advertisement appears, we acknowledge all response in writing, screen initial CV's and interview all relevant candidates. A shortlist is then submitted for final client selection along with candidate resumes and comprehensive evaluation summaries. If required, Sterling can subsequently design and manage a robust assessment process to help making the right selection decisions.

Provide Sterling with the brief and we will tailor, recommend and then deliver a professional solution to meet you recruitment requirements.

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Trade barriers are falling and worldwide competition grows ever more intense. All companies-big and small-need hard information to get and hold the competitive edge. Sterling's intelligence services can provide a vital part of your edge. When your company needsÂ…

  • To find out who your competitors are in domestic or international markets.
  • To find out how your competitors are structured organizationally.
  • To find compensation levels in an industry.
  • To get specific information regarding company acquisitionsÂ…Sterling's intelligence services deliver the current facts- the kind you need to make informed decisions.

And, when your company is entering a new market, call Sterling to investigate:

  • Your potential competitors
  • Your competitor's marketing plans
  • Your competitor's marketing strengths and weaknesses
  • How to establish your presence and generate a large market share
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Campus Recruitment - Asia

  • The first American Human Resource Consulting firm in China, since 1992
  • State-of-the-art behavioral selection methodology and professional psychological software and tools.
  • Staffed with senior consultants who are the pioneers in the human resources consulting industry in China.
  • Providing full range of human resources consulting services to multi-national companies in China.
  • Standing in the competitive edge of market.
  • Unique among executive search players in China.


  • More and more multinational companies are benefiting from recruiting the valuable graduate resources from leading Universities.
  • A feasible way to build up a management back-up team.
  • A wonderful opportunity to promote a company.


  • The number of graduates is immense, how to select the most suitable candidates is a big challenge.
  • The emergence of online application collection has lessened the information overload for HR departments.
  • Screening process is both time-consuming and cost effective.

Needs Analysis

  • Recruit high potential candidate's to supplement the company's talent pool.
  • Ensure that the essence of company culture and core values is retained.
  • Maintain a distinct competitive advantage by training the potential freshmen to meet a company's aggressive business goal.
  • Call for a more effective way of conducting campus recruitment by the HR department.

Competitive Edge of Sterling's Campus Recruiting Program

  • Full awareness of Multi-National Companies needs.
  • 12 years of history in China
  • Partner relationship & tracking system
  • Demonstrated ability in campus recruiting.
  • The most experienced consulting team in China
  • Close relations with Student Employment office
  • Psychological assessment software and behavior interview.
  • Well selected selection tools
  • Final group selection assessment center

Time-table of the Process

  • Approach employment office
  • Mid October
  • On campus promotion activities
  • Early-mid November
  • Interview process
  • November to December
  • Semester end
  • End of June the following year

Recruitment Cycle for Graduate Programs

  • Approach employment office
  • Mid October
  • On campus promotion activities
  • End October
  • Interview process
  • November to December
  • Final offer
  • January the following year
  • Semester end
  • End of March the following year

Professional Process of Sterling's Campus Recruiting Program

On-line Screening
Paper Test
Professional In-depth Interview
Assessment Center
Final Interview
Offer and Follow-up
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