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Sterling News

Sterling Life Sciences continues networking at key events

August 2007

Sterling Life Sciences is being recognized in several ways and is rapidly growing in Singapore.

On July 4th, Sterling's Robin Tan was honored to be the keynote speaker to the graduating class of 2007 for the Commencement Address at The National University of Singapore. He had the opportunity to build relationships with Professor Lim TM, Vice Dean of faculty of Science, Dr. Andrew Wee, Dean of faculty of Science, Professor Hew Choy Leong, Head Department of Biological Sciences, and Dr. Lawrence Chia, Consultant.

On July 23rd, Sterling Life Sciences was invited to attend a breakfast meeting with Lt. General Lim Chuan Poh, Chairman of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR.) Of particular importance was Mr. Lim's mention of a new entity set up under the A*STAR umbrella called Experimental Therapeutics Center (ETC.) This development provided much interest due to Sterling's expertise in hiring for such researchers in pre-clinical drug discovery. A highlight and privilege for Sterling employees to speak with was Ms. Yuka Maruyama, General Manager of Business Development and Project Management for ETC during the networking portion of the event. Sterling employees Robin Tan, Christine Lam and Bernard Lee were also able to network with various senior leaders from biotech and R&D; companies including the Centre of Cognitive and Neurodegenerative Diseases (GSK,) SingVax, S*BIO, Invotrogen, and Biostar.

Sterling Life Sciences is proudly associated with the prestigious University and major companies and eager to build on its relationships through such events in the future.