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May 2004

Robert Macdonald, President of Sterling Global Human Resources Consulting announces the following:

Sterlings global operations in the USA, China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, and the United Kingdom collectively achieved a 35% increase in first quarter sales over the first quarter last year. These first quarter results are in line with the sales goals projected for the year 2004 and reflect the impact of the recent alliance with the Mobley Group of Companies and the expansion of our existing operations in China and the United Kingdom.

In May Sterling will be expanding its Shanghai operations and moving from the Apollo Building on Yan An Central Road to the 10th floor of the One Corporate Avenue complex on Hu Bin Road.

Sterling will be more than doubling its staff at the One Corporate Avenue office. The One Corporate Avenue office will house the expanded Sterling Shanghai operations, which now include Sterling Enterprises Shanghai, You Yi Human Resources Management Company, (our China joint venture company), and the Mobley Group companies now operating under the Sterling umbrella.

We have just completed an agreement with Michael Beer and Penny Bailey, formally with J. Walter Thompson, which will establish a permanent office in London under the Sterling brand name. Sterling had previously established its brand in the UK market through an alliance agreement with Sterling Selection located in Leeds. Sterling, operating as Sterling HR Consulting in London and as Sterling Selection in Leeds allows us to expand our marketplace as well as increase the types of human resource services we can offer our clients worldwide and will serve as a platform for future expansion in Europe.

In the January edition of "Asia Inc Business News" our alliance partner in Korea was selected as one of the top 50 "movers and shakers" in Asia. Silver Kim, the CEO and founder of Sterling Resource Group located in Seoul was honored for her business accomplishments as well as for her dedication to raising the level of influence of women executives in Koreas male dominated business environment. In 1995 Silver Kim founded the "Businesswomens Roundtable" now considered to be the most influential organization in Asia devoted to dealing with womens issues in the executive market place. Congratulations Silver!