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Over the last several years, the Life Sciences industry has become increasingly complex and competitive. The new millennium finds this industry facing a host of new changes including unprecedented M&A activity, new trends in marketing and consumer advertising, new breakthroughs in drug discovery and R&D, changes in healthcare financing coupled with an aging population and new healthcare consumerism and with the new and exciting trend in E-health.

Sterlings Life Sciences Practice Group professional consultants brings years of industry experience and knowledge of the particular issues facing our clients in each Life Sciences sector:

In the competition for talent, Sterlings Global Life Sciences Practice Group is uniquely qualified to advise on leadership issues, and identify recruit the exceptional senior executives and board members to meet these challenges.
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The Technology Practice Group of Sterling is considered a global leader in this rapidly evolving sector. For businesses of every size, from emerging, pre-revenue startups to multibillion industry leaders, our consultants around the world conduct customized and focused searches for top-performing technology companies.

Sterlings worldwide network of specialized technology experts serves both global and local players in the process of identifying and evaluating the most qualified leaders in all areas of technology:

Our agility and deep knowledge of the complexities in this environment have made us the clear leader in executive search for technology-enabled business. As the first American executive search firm in China, Sterling had the foresight to implement a group of talented professionals and is now known as the top company, not only in Asia, but in the world, where businesses turn to for their talent acquiring needs.
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Building consumer loyalty and competitive advantage in todays marketplace has become a more rigorous task, given the deluge of product information from the Internet, television, cable satellite, print and interactive media. Sterlings International Worldwide Consumer Practice Group consists of our professional team around the globe who assists in the leadership needs of organizations in consumer industries. Our consultants, who possess considerable industry experience, have access to top performers across the spectrum of relevant sectors:

Sterlings expertise spans all operational and strategic roles critical to our clients success; our consultants bring deep expertise and knowledge of industry and dynamics, both competitive and consumer. Our industry expertise, professionalism and integrity enable us to have credibility with clients, candidates and industry leaders on a global basis
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Technology, politics and globalization have since revolutionized the ways in which industrial companies operate, thereby increasing the leadership requirements in this progressively complex environment. Clients increasingly expect in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of their industry sectors, seamless execution of cross-border searches and a rapid demonstration of our expertise in their sectors. Our consultants have continued to provide timely and high-quality search execution to support our industrial clients, which range from start-ups to multi-billion dollar market leaders.

Sterlings Industrial Practice Group systematically develops a body of industry knowledge, networks and technical know how. This puts us in a position to execute searches for top executive management positions all over the world. Our consultants have specialized and focused their work to better serve clients in then fields of:

Our team consists of highly professional consultants with a profound knowledge of, and extensive experience in the Industrial Sector. We understand business issues and are fully aware of industry developments. We proactively identify opportunities to work together with our clients. By providing maximum expertise we pave the way to success in every aspect of their executive management recruitment.
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To meet the challenges of this complex marketplace, companies must retain executives possessing a mastery of products and services as well as technical and operating expertise. Sterlings Global Financial Practice Group consists of a highly professional team around the world who partners with senior executives of organizations in all sectors across the financial services spectrum to address hiring needs. Our team continually refines its approach to better serve clients in this changing environment. Sterlings group spans all operational and strategic roles critical to our clients success across sectors including:

We become partners and to an extent, advisers with our clients, to address the leadership issues most crucial to the success of their business. Our consultants combination of industry expertise, knowledge of industry, professionalism and integrity enable us to provide maximum expertise as we pave the way to success in every aspect of our clients business needs.
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