Display Opening

Job Description
Location: Japan
Position: Administrative
Title: Manager
Fluent In: Japanese, English
Number of Positions: 1
Description: :ASAP : 1000 : :
Requirements: : 4 : TOEIC800 : 40-45 10 =Manager :
Company Description
Industry: Semiconductors
Description: company overview Driven by the possibilities yet to be discovered. As a global marketplace leader, we continue to communicate clearly the power of our brand and the relentless quest to make the meaningful, tangible contributions to humankind that our brand represents. Creates leading-edge technologies for many fast-growing segments of the world's economy. Premier provider of optical fiber, cable and photonic products for the telecommunications industry; high-performance glass for computers, television screens and other information display applications; advanced optical materials for the semiconductor industry and the scientific community; ceramic substrates for the automotive industry; specialized polymer products for biotechnology applications; and other advanced materials and technologies.